Pink quartz

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Pink quartz

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This crystal is associated with love and emotions,
It decodes the vibration of the 4th energy center located in the center of the human body at the location of the heart (in the chest).
It stimulates circulation and relieves stress and sadness.
  • Pink Quartz Pendants, polished tip

Warms with its sweet energy the beautiful feelings you have inside, it is designed and crafted by hand from 925 sterling silver.

Pink quartz emits soft vibrations, paves the way for love, connection, friendship, compassion, forgiveness, calmness, hope, family happiness-unity-peace.

It is associated with motherhood and fertility.

It is a good gift for pregnants, babies and a tender crystal for children and teenagers.

It caresses, cares and heals all the emotional wounds that block the flow of energy in the center (4th chakra).

Increases feminine energy and releases pure love and passion.

You can program pink quartz to connect with your partner or to find and call the partner you deserve.

It accumulates and transmits light energy.

Love is everywhere (You love people, things, plants, animals, habits, words, sounds, colors, dreams ..) just look around and you will see that you have a lot of love to give and also to receive.

Don’t forget to love yourself, caress him, take care of him, hug him and forgive him.


..Love is the only existing miracle. Love is the ladder that leads from earth to heaven. If you learn love well then you have learned everything. If you lose love then you have lost your whole life.


You were born of love for love that will turn you into love!

Love – Hope – Light

– evafrangk  –

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