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Pendant 7 chakras with chain

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This pendant activates and opens the flow of energy in all the energy centers of the human body.
  • Handmade pendant with high quality semi-precious stones
  • Bound with 925 silver.
  • Silver chain 45-50mm. (the chain in the photo was used for photography purposes only. The design of the chain is variable and potentially different)
An energy jewelry – amulet. Essential for every person who wants to feel the energy flowing through their body.

Light – 7 Εnergy Gates

1st energy center – Granada

2nd energy center – Hessonite

3rd energy center – Yellow quartz

4th energy center – Peridot

5th energy center – Aqua marina

6th energy center – Lapis lazuli

7th energy center – Amethyst

I created this pendant – a talisman to open the flow of energy throughout the body, for the energy centers to work together and gradually bring balance and stability. Wear this pendant to hear your invisible body (your soul) speak. Let it calm, clean it and take care of it. Your visible body needs guidance, it needs to be firmly on the ground to move forward. It needs constant cleaning. This pendant is essential for your body, spirit, and nature! All that’s left is to pick it up…

Increases and regulates the flow of energy. It clears the jams, activates, and rebuilds.

You can program it to bring balance and cleansing.

It accumulates and transmits light energy.

Energy is in an unstoppable flow, the entire planet and universe is in continuous flow, moving, transforming, changing aspect, breathing and listening to the life that was created from a moment of energy at the moment of creation of all things. Place one hand on the ground and the other hand on your center (chest). You will hear the pulse of the earth breathing and the beating of your heart breathing through the energy connecting your own body to the flow…you are in flow within the flow! All you need to understand and feel this connection is to hold a channel (a mediator, a translator, a transmitter of energy) an energy tool that will help you feel that you are a link in the chain of life of everything. You are in the ALL and a crystal is the media and the way!

Don’t forget to hear and feel your heartbeat, even when the noise around you creates obstacles. You are energy within the flow of energy.

..Human is a rainbow, lives fully, refuses nothing, uses everything. If something seems out of place, it just means you haven’t been able to use it yet! Poison can become medicine if you know how to transform it. And nectar can become poison if you don’t know how to use it.

-The Osho Chakra Book…

You were born of love for love that will turn you into love!

Love – Hope – Light

– evafrangk  –

* Instructions and self-treatment information are provided upon receipt of the products.

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