Lamp made of crystal rock of ancient mineral salt

Lamp made of crystal rock of ancient mineral salt of the land of the five rivers Punjabi earth (near India, Himalayas)

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Lamp made of crystal pink ancient mineral salt mined in Punjab (the land of the five rivers), an area near India and Pakistan at the foot of the Himalayas.

Millions of years ago the tectonic plates shifted and trapped an underground ancient sea. The sea then evaporated slowly, leaving miles of virgin crystallized layers of salt. The salt was then protected under ice and snow and remained unknown and untouched for millennia. ..

History says that Alexander the Great in 326 BC. after conquering Persia he found the vast expanses of ancient salt, when he noticed his horses licking the crystal rocks … (writes the British newspaper The Times). Iron and manganese cause the pink color of salt. The Himalayan pink salt lamps attract water molecules from the air so they act as natural dehumidifiers in the space where they are located. Illuminated rock salts can help reduce air pollution but also enhance the effort to reduce the symptoms of asthma, allergies and other illnesses (alternatively they are a natural filter and can not replace any medication your doctor may take). .

This ancient salt acts as a natural ionizer, especially when heated it filters the air, balancing the atmosphere, converting positive ions (electrical appliances, pollution, cigarettes, radiation, etc.) into negative ions (created in nature by air, toner , sunlight and the earth. We find them in nature and especially in places with running water or after a storm)

So create a clean environment in your home, at work, in your resting place by simply lighting a magic crystal ancient rock mineral salt.