Pendant Goddess Isis

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Pendant goddess Isis with chain

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Feminine energy
Pendant with the Egyptian Goddess Isis (Goddess of stars, beauty and love).

This Amulet Locket is:

  • Bonded with surgical stainless steel,
  • Gold plated with 18k gold.
  • With a 40-50cm chain.
A unique pendant with the representation of the wings of the Goddess Isis.

A wonderful pendant to increase your feminine energy, connect with your higher and inner self, connect with your partner, love the moonlight (feminine energy) and shine among the stars in the sky.
Wear this pendant to awaken your feminine energy, affection, creativity, intuition, patience, endurance, wisdom and compassion (Love for ourselves and for the people around us is awakened by increasing our feminine energy)
Our feminine energy is on the left side and our masculine is on the right, when these two energies come together then joy comes into our being.

Don’t forget to love yourself, caress him, take care of him, hug him and forgive him.


.. What happens when a flower blooms deep in the forest and no one sees it, no one knows its scent, no one passes by it commenting “how beautiful!” no one tastes its beauty, its joy, no one shares it? What happens to the flower? Is he suffering? Does it panic? Is it killing itself? The flower is still blooming, growing, beautifying because that is what it was born to do. It makes no difference whether someone saw it or not. The flower still spreads its fragrance to the winds. It continues to offer the joy of its existence to the whole..



You were born of love for love that will turn you into love!

Love – Hope – Light

– evafrangk  –

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