Pendant Lotus tree

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Pendant Lotus tree with chain

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Lotus pendant with mandala yoga tree pose (The Vrksasana pose is the tree pose and involves balancing the body on one leg. It is an asana that activates the whole body and stabilizes the center.)
Inside the lotus is created the seed of the tree (the growth and connection of the earth with the sky).
This pendant brings patience and concentration to its owner. It enhances balance.
A pendant symbol of balance and connection.

Handmade pendant with

  • Stainless surgical steel,
  • Plated with 18k gold,
  • Chain with surgical stainless steel 45 – 50mm.



Human is earth and sky.
The seed grows in the earth (the soul – the body – the spirit) takes root, grows, develops and grows taller and taller…until it is tall enough to touch the sky.
Look at the trees, notice them… they have firm roots in the earth but grow tall towards the light of heaven.
Each tree carries its own story and is constantly growing, putting out new branches and new leaves and even new roots growing next to its old roots.
As for the lotus that gives birth to the tree, that is the flower of creation.
The lotus seed grows in the mud, there it grows, there it creates its roots.
In the dark mud, it puts out its first little green leaf, but as soon as this first little leaf emerges, the next one immediately comes out, and the next one, etc., and quickly becomes a whole plant.
But it always climbs up until it finds the light.
Growth and development are on the rise.
You too are a tree that grows and develops until it finds its own light.

Every time you look at this pendant remember that every moment you are growing and evolving, all that is left for you is to look within yourself to find and utilize its lost memory.

You were born of love for love that will turn you into love!

Love – Hope – Light

– evafrangk  –

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