Pineapple pendant

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Pineapple pendant with chain

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The pineapple symbolizes the joy of the host’s welcome to the guest.
Wear this pendant to receive the good you have called to happen to you!
This can be good news, a favorable condition, a thought..
Pineapple is associated with luck, prosperity, wealth, hopeful thoughts and the good you want in your life.
  • Pineapple pendant made with surgical stainless steel,
  • Gold-plated with 18k gold.
  • With a 40-50cm chain.

The indigenous natives placed a pineapple at the entrance of the gate as a symbol of welcome and hospitality to visitors.

As soon as you wear this pendant I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath, so deep that you feel the oxygen going down to your feet and coming up again. Keep your eyes closed and continue rhythmically for a few more times…
Call now the best thing you want to happen to you! Believe it…wish for it and you know it…it will just happen.
I wish you a wonderful life! Welcome it…

Don’t forget the universe doesn’t listen to what you say. The universe hears what you’re thinking!

You were born of love for love that will turn you into love!

Love – hope – light

– evafrangk  –

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